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New Blog
08.03.04 (1:51 am)   [edit]
To all you faithfuls who still visit my blog - thanks for trusting me. I've really been trying to improve my blog, if only I had FrontPage, cause thats all I'm familiar with.

But anyway, to reward you guys, heres the link to my new blog, its simpler but A LOT more convenient for me than tBLOG (tblog is too slow and too pro BlogPro users, we free users are bullied >.<)...

This new blog will have more dirt in it since its supposedly protected against prying eyes. It may have something nasty about you in there. So don't read it if after reading it you're going to be mad with me.

You have been forewarned. Ignorance is bliss.


Jared's Life. Get one.

06.05.04 (12:18 am)   [edit]

Punishment and other stuff
05.27.04 (1:34 am)   [edit]
Yesterday, I took Mark's CD of SimCity 3000 which he ahd lent to Chester. I thought I told Chester I'lld be taking it but whatcha know he didn't know so he got Joel to call me. But before that.

I went out with Julian, Joshua and Lester and ordered some stuff and ended up still hungry.

Then when I went back to class I took my bag it wasn't raining.

SO i got onto the bus and fell asleep and missed a stop so I ran all the way back.

And as I was about to reach the stop it started to RAIN. when I was on the bus it was ok. The moment i got back then it started to pleuvoir. Idiotic.

And I didn't have an umbrella because I told my mother the old one was too old fashioned so I refused to bring it along.

And as I sat under the shelter dripping wet, I knew it was God's way of punishing me. WAaaaaaaaaaaaah!

ANd oh yeah. My SimCity was a failure too. They fired me. Twice.


And on Tuesday (lol!) I went for Third Lang. I thought it'll be a waste of time but it wasn't. I watched this really good movie titled: Les Diner des cons (Translated: The dinner of idiots English: The Dinner Game) It was 5/5.

It was basically about this rich guy who has a wife. And he and his friends have this game where they go around finding "idiots" (i.e. poor souls usually obsessed with a hobby. (e.g. collecting boomerangs, etc.) And then this rich guy found this brillinat bumbling clumsy idiotic fool who made models out of matchsticks and was reallly excited about it.

The movie was funny and touching at the same time.

Well. At the guy's house. The idiot tells the man about his models when the guy's back (which was broken) gets worse due to the fat idiot falling on him. Thus, just when he leaves he gets a answering machine message. The wife says something along the lines of: "I left just now. I left for good. I'm not coming back anymore." And the room is quiet. Then the idiot tells the man about his wife left him for a windsurfing idiot (ironic). And then the movie really starts

The idiot calls up his best friend (who was the man's wife's ex-husband) who gives them the clue that she may be with a pervetic man named ____. So they try and find his love nest by contacting the idiot's friend, a tax auditor. And there are loads of hlarious things in between especially because the idiot screws up everything. He is suppoused to call for information and ends up forgetting it completly. ANYWAY

So the wife comes back while they are calling. And the idiot thought it was the woman who the man warned him against who was harassing him and he chased the wife away. ANYWAY. They find the love nest, call the man, and realize that the man's wife is not with him since she backed out at the last minute. And they said teehee that he was screwing the tax auditor's wife. And that was so ironic it was hilarious.

And it ended off with the wife in hospital, the idiot discovering that the man thought he was an idiot, and the idiot getting mad and he calls the wife and tells this extremly touching sobsob story about how he become an idiot after his wife left him. And how he realized that the man was actually quite loving. And the wife said: "Il aime? Il n'aime personne. (He loves no one)." And then she ask him if the husband was feeding him the lines (as witht he previous phone calls) but he lied and said he was in a phone booth.

Then the man says: "We're still going to the dinner. But next time you're bringing me along."

Then the phone rings and in the idiot's excitement he picks up the phone and says that the man was right there waiting to answer.

Guess what? Then the women says: "I thought you were in a phone booth."

And hangs up. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH< ROFL LOL RFL LOL. IT REALLY IS ONE IDIOTIC GUY> I hope this bad punctuation is good enough for you Isaac.

Blogging again
05.27.04 (1:15 am)   [edit]
Yeah. This blog site is going to go soon...for a whole new ready made site at freewebs. Teehee. But at least it'll look cooler. So there.

Its currently under progress, but when its done, I'll put the URL here, don't cha worry.

05.24.04 (2:38 am)   [edit]
Yay. Blogging again. I've got a maths project to touch up on so I don't know what tempted me to do this. I guess I don't want to forget anything so I wanted to put this down first.

First things first. CHECK THIS OUT (great forum for Ragnarok Online private servers): http://ragnarok.ogaming.com

next, CHECK THIS OUT FIRST: http://home.earthlink.net/~bdragon687/RO-Music-Video.swf

ITS A MUST MUST WATCH especially for Ragnarok Players. Its a movie. So cool. I wonder how they did it...

Anyway, thats not blogging. Erm...oh yeah. This is suppoused to be about comments on my blog.

Last night when I went to my grandma's place Kimberly (thats my erm...very old....can't be bothered to count maybe 17 years old cousin) told me that my blog was interesting but wasn't juicy enough and then told us [i.e. Me and Isaac (thats my very cool one year older than me cousin....] and Joseph [thats my very big same year as me cousin. :? )] about the Barkley (did I speell it right Kim?) Essentials.

More about that later. She also said that the way I wrote my blog was like I wanted to gay some people or something. Sigh. Look what ACS does to perfectly normal people...*glares at Kim and pretends to be more offended then embaressed*.

Erm...yeah. And Isaac said that my blog had the best punctuation [i]so[/i] I've been trying my best not to haha so there. ARGH I can't resist. I.MUST.PUT.THAT.FULL.STOP. Nooooooo.

Anyway. Yeah. He said my font made it look like a report. Yeah. So because of that, be prepared to see a whole new blog. Yay. I'm working on the animation stuff now teehee. 8) I can't wait for it mysef.

Oh yeah. Erm. Oh yes. The Barkley Essentials. Kimberly said that they were the losers of the school and that everybody laughed at them. The only part I can remember now was that somebody (most likely Colin) liked Cammy (or something with C) and that she doesn't mind him and thats the bad thing. And that one of the Essentials has a blog. Which I must force outta her for all our enjoyment. Yeah. Thats all.

SEE that RO movie. And join [url=http://ragnarok.ogaming.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=12814&st=0]BladesRO[/url] .

05.20.04 (2:39 am)   [edit]
I've not updated in a while cause I don't want to blog. Its as simple as that. This is about me. not you, so I'm sorry :D .

Anyway. You came here to dig up some dirt on me. Hi Me. Welcome back. Anyway, you want to read some dirt on me so here we go:

I've got 38 for science. Yucks. I was never a science person anyway.

I'm happy with all my other marks though. Julian beat all of us by at least 20 in the chinese test- lol. Its so funny. I feel so happy . AND I'm not going to tell you why. Muahahaha.

Sigh. Doing stuff on the computer is getting so SIAN now...(that means I'm sick of it) so I'm downloading Willium Hung songs and playing them and laughing till I go to sleep and then I wake up for school and then I come back home and do whatever work that I owed my teachers since a month ago and I have good grammar.

Sigh. Some explaining to do here. When I was in Primary 6, my wonderful ENglish teacher Miss. Chan introduced this new thing to me- free writing or something along those lines. It was basically writing non-stop about ANYTHING in ANYWAY- no restraint! So now I've decided to do that for my blogs so I can get more well....dirt outta this

No sense letting all this go to waste so then I faced pizza all day....

And I sure don't care for irregularity....

I feel the pain...

Lalala....I'm so happy and YOU DON'T KNOW WHY. Al-wight. I'll tell you.

And if you believed that, you're a greater fool than King Skarl.

Common Test Looming
05.02.04 (3:10 am)   [edit]
Arr....the common tests are just right ahead with Geography and English tomorrow....the two most hated subjects....ah well....at least you only have to mug for one....to all my school friends: Good Luck, and you shouldn't be checking my blog during the exam and I shouldn't even be blogging during the exam period so I'll end here :)

FINALLY...also known as the ANYWAY blog entry
04.30.04 (7:54 am)   [edit]
YIKES! IT HAS BEEN [i]SOOOOOOOO[/i] LONG BEFORE I HAVE BLOGGED! I'm sure some of you have already stopped checking back... :P Of course, there have been many problems with regards to my usage of computer, which I feel obliged to put in this blog entry.

The problems started about a month ago already. Mum and Dad kept buzzing around me about the stupid computer and how it was turning my into a freak. Grr. I just ignored them though...after all, if I argued then I couldn't play the computer anymore, and what would be the point of that?

Then it finally happened. That thing which I knew would happen sooner or later. I got banned. Why? Because I had played too much in my entire lifetime and because my attitude stank. So I stomp up into my room and fling myself on the bed. I can't sleep. So I go into my parents' room and confront my mother. I can't be bothered to talk to my father.

She said she didn't want to talk to me as I wouldn't listen to her anyway and because I had a bad attitude. And I told her that how are we going to clear this up if I don't talk with her. And she said that I would only argue and not listen to her. And I said that whats the point of only listening if I am not going to say what I think and what I feel....I might as well go live with Hitler or something (I now know thats a bad tatic cuz according to Oral Comm...arguments fail if you relate it to an unpopular event or person)


So she finally relented and so she spent the entire time telling me how computer had successfully ruined my life, my studies, and my walk with God. And she started crying and I started crying too and then I went into my room and went to sleep. Thank God for sleep.


After that, I was allowed to play computer, but everytime my father saw me playing, he would go behind me and click his tongue, or sigh, or make life really difficult and irritating for me. I took our family photo and mutiliated him with MS Paint. I was going to link it to this blog but the photo uploader managers rejected the picture...so...no bananas...


After facing numerous problems with my fathers' laptop (My computer is spoilt so I have to make do with his), I created my own account and deleted EVERYTHING. So my account only had MSN messenger and Ragnarok. Lovely.

It lasted for one week.

Then the laptop crashed too, and all my computers ended up spoilt. And I ended up where I was. Computerless. Lifeless. Hopeless.

Anyway, while waiting for the laptop to be fixed (Its still on warranty and has crashed twice) with the promise of Windows XP instead of Windows 98 (HELLO TO DAD! Thats like...at least [b]6 YEARS OUTDATED[/b]), I survived on school, BB, meals, sleep, TV, and monopoly.

I've been winning all my games with my family so its really great. I bankrupted everybody except myself. And I got street repairs TWICE...and I had to pay TWICE...and they got nothing and I still won. Muahahaha


I've FINALLY gotten hold of the laptop, and its XP.


But theres a hitch. With XP Professional comes accounts, and with accounts come passwords. I thought that was ok since I could make my own but dang it, I can't seem to add users. Crap the admin...crap them...

So everytime I want to login I have to wait for my father to COME HOME AND FILL IN THE PASSWORD FOR ME AND I MAY NOT EVEN BE ALLOWED TO PLAY THEN. I told them that if they wanted to do that I'll stay in school and only come back to sleep.

They said good riddance so I sulked as we went for dinner today...but then my mother, I think quite diplomatically, brought us to Breeks!

Do you know the Breeks style? I'll just give a rough idea here. When we went there, there was a lady outside to intoduce us to the menu and tell us that the Mothers Day meals weren't ready.

She brought us in, and we got a rowdy WELCOME TO BREEKS from all the waitress. I forgot to bring my eyebrows down.


How can you be in a bad mood when the wall is plastered with smiley faces, theres one on every table and people have just welcomed you into the restaurant? And the food was good and fun to eat and it was just a great night. Of course, I passed some snide remarks at my father throughout the dinner and whenever he said something I would just go Indeed. How insightful. I feel like an _______ but I can't help it. Just to confirm my sanity I've gone to Tickle, a quiz site where I can get reliable quiz results. That link will lead you to the quiz I took btw. Have fun doing it and don't do it with your parents watching and some stuff SHOULDN'T be applicable to you so if you want to do it just put what you think you'll have done or you will do...you'll see what I mean.

AND ANYWAY...OOPS...I'm sorry. I'm not gonna share my quiz results with thou, but just to let you know, I'm slightly evil and quite black hearted. The thing in the middle is for personal reference

Sigh. I hope this computer problem is soon solved...

Hoping to blog again soon....Wish me luck...
Signing off... (Hmm...I need a signature phrase like all the others...give me some time to think of a nice one...)

I Love Wednesdays
04.14.04 (6:04 am)   [edit]
Sigh- Its been a while since I've blogged. I apologise for any [i]inconvenience[/i] this may have caused you, but rest assured, big gaps in blogging won't happen again- unless intentional of course.

What made me blog again today?

For CLE (Character and Leadership Education), we had a lesson of [b]self-discipline[/b]. The idea behind it was interesting, but both our form teachers are HOPELESS in teaching in a fun way. So it turned out to be another boring CLE lesson again.

Mdm Iam. Lao (Mdm Bek Su Ling/Mai Lao Shi) was said: "Who amongst us keeps a diary?" (In Chinese obviously).

Only Lester. She praised him, after that, because she said that someone who writes concientiously in his diary is one who is self-disciplined.

Joelephant was sniggering at me while she was saying that. He seems quite mad that I haven't updating my blog.

So thats why I've found the "self-discipline" in me to continue blogging- or perhaps its because none of my classmates are on [url=http://aero.filetap.com]aeRO[/url] at this point...


Today was a NMA. Yay. Unfortunately, I had a sleepless night, so it wasn't really a good sleep, but I stayed longer in bed nonetheless.

Eng + Lit was the first period of the day, with Comrade Navles going on about the language of advertising. The site was "[i]really quite good[/i]", but as always, Mrs Selvan basically just repeated what was on the site. We could have done that for I-Learning right? Sheesh.

But you must commend her- Shes learnt that she has to MOVE the window so as to reveal the [b]X[/b] to close the window. HAHAHAHAHA. And shes also learnt how to scroll down. GASP. Unfortunately, today, she messed up again as she didn't know how to browse through different windows. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Maths was as usual- BORING. I don't want to talk about it. I hate Maths and I hate Hey Maths. Hate Heymaths? Leave it. Love Hey-Maths? Pay on. Dadadadada- I'm loving it...<--what kind of vague claim is that?

RE was as usual- blissfully slack. Yaksy just went through with us on our experiment, and we told her that the seeds had fungi on them so we just started on the green beans which actually haven't been started. LOL. She commended us for a good experiment though, and I do believe shes going to be checking out the RE blog soon.

The dentist told me that I needed to spend more time on my front teeth. He didn't say how to spend that time though. So I'm gonna spend that extra time admiring them.

Julian and I went for a Creative Chinese Compo Lecture together, forced by Lin Lao Di, of course. It was fine I guess, but definitely boring and hopelessly useless to our Compo Writings. But I digress. THE MAIN ISSUE HERE IS THE LUNCH I HAD WITH JULIAN. If you're reading this Julian, I HOPE YOU LIKE CAPS LOCKS CUZ THERE ARE GOING TO BE LOTS OF THEM AND EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!

Lunch. I went S-11 with Julian for lunch. We both ordered chicken rice, and sat down at the table. I offered to buy drinks. He joked around, and finally settled on 7-Up. So I went to buy 7-Up for him, and barley for myself. Ok.

I went back to the table. I kept both the drinks for myself. I decide, then, to treat Julian to a drink; after all, I haven't given him (or Joel) a birthday present. The stupid birthday reminder alert didn't work. I digress. THE MAIN ISSUE HERE IS THE DRINK.

What Julian did next was to grab the cup and can. There ensued a mock tussle, with Julian ultimately winning with the cup and can. We then proceeded to happily eat (horrible english but I can't really be bothered). We kept making jokes about Sharang Shu (Sharon Xu) throughout lunch. It was great. I digress. THE MAIN ISSUE HERE IS JULIAN'S MALEVOLENCE.

Once he had finished, he waited for me to eat finish. Wen Tao knows what madness drove him to do what he did next: He took the 7-Up and bored it into my barley drink.

I took a sip and drank it and made a puking face while saying that it was good.

He poured more.


But it was fun. And it actually tasted good. And I got back some drink from the treat. So I took my revenge by...erm...letting him scribble all over my worksheet. Erm...yeah...I know! I wasted his pen ink- MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :twisted:

School Life
04.06.04 (7:48 am)   [edit]
Odd Week. Tuesday. Today was an AMAZING day.

I amazingly dodged Mr Teo again today, and evaded all his questions about whether I've made a polic report or not about my donation card. I am really getting down to it you know, its just that I don't know the serial number and Mr Teo isn't helping very much.

During English today, something AMAZING happened. Let me put it in simple language before I start screaming with joy. J.U.L.I.A.N was S.C.O.L.D.E.D by MRS SELVAN! AHHHH! As Joshua put it so well in his MSN nick, "And the earth rejoices...for it shows that she [Comrade Navles] is not biased." LOL. She asked him if he was paying attention, she saw him writing some stuff. It was actually because he was copying down the notes and pointers of writing information reports in his own information report as she was explaining. GOSH. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?! For once he actually does some work and Nandwani scolds him. I feel so indignant on his behalf. (Like real).

During PE today, I was amazingly put into the "white" group, so I only ran 800m, instead of the 3.2km. Luckily. Phew. Anyway, I had a great time, and I got the ball at least THRICE during the soccer game. I'm telling you, that is my latest record since P5. My Primary 4 record is when I was playing with the guys back in Marist Stella (thats my great almighty Primary school), when I totally dominated the game and felt so good :lol: . I scored at least thrice. Woohoo.

For Chinese today, unamazingly, Lin Lao Shi made us read through a lesson on how to be nice. She called my up again to role play. WTF is her problem? She keeps calling me just because she KNOWS that I'm some kind of creative, smart, witty boy (which is what I actually am of course, i just don't want her to know it), and keeps asking me to act/ speak/ do STUFF that Julian will do too. Shes so biased - ARGH! So, in retaliation, I acted real stupid during acting, and I hope she realizes I hate acting in her stupid ideas. Hopefully. That'll be an amazing thing to be added tomorrow:D

Gabriel told me today that he was depressed. I told him Good Job. My goal in life is to be depressed openly. Thats still very hard to do for me. I don't know why.

Maths- I actually managed to convince Julian to help me in my Maths Assignment when I was helpless at the last two questions. Yay. Julians right actually: "I've spent at least 3 hours on this so why shouldn't you?"

Because you've done it so I might as well copy. So there.

I ate at S-11 today with Julian, Chester and Joel. I wanted to be late for once, like everyone else for French. I mean, Ali and gang walk in FULL GLORY when they come in late, so I thought that I might as well try it to. It was great. I stuffed myself on Qui Lian Ban Mian, forced Joel to buy it (he subsequently left half a boy), and showed Monsieur Chan some attitude.

He ignored us.

I'll come 10 minutes late on Thursday.

Lol. This joke is gooood
04.01.04 (10:44 pm)   [edit]
This is a great joke I got from http://www.4degreez.com

An English teacher was explaining to his students the concept of gender association in the English language. He noted how hurricanes at one time were given only female names, and how ships and planes were usually referred to as "she." One of the students raised her hand and asked, "What gender is a computer?"
The teacher wasn't certain. So he divided the class into two groups: males in one, females in the other, and asked them to decide if a computer should be masculine or feminine. Both groups were asked to give four reasons for their recommendations.

The group of women concluded that computers should be referred to as masculine because:

1. In order to get their attention, you have to turn them on.

2. They have a lot of data but are still clueless.

3. They are supposed to help you solve your problems, but half the time, they ARE the problem.

4. As soon as you commit to one, you realize that, if you had waited a little longer, you could have had a better model.

The men, on the other hand, decided that computers should definitely be referred to as feminine because:

1. No one but their creator understands their internal logic.

2. The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else.

3. Even your smallest mistakes are stored in long-term memory for later retrieval.

4. As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your paycheck on accessories for it.


Personality Disorders
04.01.04 (10:18 pm)   [edit]
Wow. I've just taken this personality disorders test, and it really tells me a lot about myslef. Check it out:

Narcissistic:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

Quiz Results
04.01.04 (9:18 pm)   [edit]
I've recently gone a quiz doing spree, and here are some of my results. Some of the quizzes are a little questionable...

[b]The Happy Bunny Quiz[/b]:
You are the cute but psycho happy bunny. You're
adorable, but a little out there. It's alright,
you might not have it all, but there are worse.

What kind of kiss are you? : "
You are a child's kiss. Completely sweet and
innocent and pure. You mean no harm and only
love in your sweet kisses.

What kind of eyes do you have?: Wondering eyes. You are not quite focused and are quite the daydreamer. You are a bit odd and as many might say "Your head is in the clouds."

How would you murder?:
You'd bite their neck and drain their blood!

What kind of shadow are you?:
Dark shadow. Something has drawn you into darkness
in the past, and you're now trying to get out
of it. The darkness is already inside you, and
getting it out will be hard, but if you try,
maybe one day you can be who you want to be
again. Don't give in!!!

What type of soul do you have?:
You are naturally born with a gift, whether it be
poetry, writing or song. You love beauty and
creativity, and usually are highly intelligent.
Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yet
also bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.

All quizzes were brought to you by Quizzilla.com

Weird eh? I'm gonna be doing more soon! I suggest you do some too!

Thors Day- Thursday
04.01.04 (5:54 am)   [edit]
If you've noticed by now, I'll only post diary entries on Tuesday and Thursday. This is because those are the only two days I want to share with you :twisted: . I've got another *secret* diary somewhere where you can't access it. Don't you just want to get your sneaky little fingers on it and pour over my terrible secrets? Too bad! Its password-protected too! Muahahahahaha...!!!

Today I made a horrific discovery. I discovered that my Ragnarok Online partner, h0tangel, who I thought all along was a girl who was 13 years old and really nice...turned out to be my very own classmate...Dennis. ARGH! Now I know what it feels like when others realize that o0Jenny0o is actually Jared. :oops: Horrible, horrible.

School was ordinary today. We had a crappy debate where we each had a minute to talk crap. I wanted Maggot to talk last because I thought he may go out of point as he does sometimes while talking, but he wanted to go first. Ah well, I didn't went to press my point too much...after all, I was no better. I hate Oral Comm. nowadays. The teacher just talks crap and expects us to suck it all in.

Sigh...the school has been awarded on a half-day, but as I confirmed today, its on a Friday. Since Friday only has four periods while the rest of the week have 5 periods minimum...sigh...what cheapskates.

I did a major upgrade to my com today. I created a new user called tongrhj (duh!), and deleted ALL my files in the original one. I then RE-INSTALLED everything that I wanted to keep over to the new user. Everything runs so smoothly now...the 5 hour update was worth it. :wink: *sob sob*

:idea: And if you've noticed, I've updated the blog even further. I've removed that scrappy looking Flobber Chatterbox from the right bar and put it into a pop-up window. There should be less problems for you now (thats right..YOU OHCY....). I'll be upgrading it further, so watch out for some Clay Aiken music and Soup-Faerie borrowed pictures, background and blogs.

Thanks for supporting my blog!

School Today
03.30.04 (3:11 am)   [edit]
Its Tuesday once again, with the usual boring lessons and Third Language.

The day started off bad with Mr Paul Lim making us stand in the astroturf for 5 minutes in [i]Stand At Ease[/i] position. Some say hes in a mad mood cause his favourite fried chicken drumsticks were not on sale. *Cough Cough*

This was followed by good ol' history, with Mr Lester Lim having fun scirbbling and drawing arrows all over the board and circling this in red and underlining that in black while he told us about the Strait Settlements. The ENTIRE board was filled by the end of the lesson. Good old Lester.

PE! Eric Lee made us do his stupid circuits! We had to swim 200m, swim another 50m, do 20 situps, then swim another 50m, do 20 pullups, then swim ANOTHER 50m, then do 10 Rocket Launches, then repeat EVERYTHING again. ARGH- Whats that guys prob??!! Anyway, everything was fine for me except the Rocket Launches. I had trouble jumping till my Belly Button showed...lol...lack of leg power. In the end I did it, but at the cost of the entire lesson all thanks to Joel who taught me that I should bend my knees. :P.

After recess was Bio science...and well...we had a lesson on the human reproductive system. :oops: But I guess if you looked at it scientifically instead of anything else, we wouldn't turn red so bad...lol. The computer just gave up on us, so Elaine Quah did the running commentary. It was [i]educational[/i] I guess...Think of that only....think of that only....only that....eeps...stop that...stupid naughty brain...

To finish off, we had Waymie (Copyright Jared Tong 2004-eternity) to send us off to sleep again with her stupid Population Pyramids and her award winning powerpoint slides. Zzzz...today, it wans't PPT, but Newspaper articles....yay! A change! Amazing! You've gotta take your hat off to her! Gd job Aymie! Keep up the good work. BTW: Today, she made us do group discussions again so we were all slacking while she was slacking so that was really fun.

Lunch was chilli hot Wan Ton Mee! I just love the Oodles of Noodles Chilli. Taste more like ketchup and isn't even hot! Where else can you get so unique chilli?

French was as pernormal. Boring. With the teacher shouting: Silence! and banging the table in a helpless attempt to get the class to listen to him. Ai...Il est stupide. He should just give up on us. For French today, we had to write poems with the CODs, so I wrote a crappy poem basically going something like this:

Je te dit:
Je ne sais pas.
Mais tu me dit:
Tu peux! Tu peux!
Je te dit:
Je te veux mort.
Tu me dit:
Tres bien. Silence!

Lol. What crap.

Thus ends my 2nd day of Term 2 Week 2!
Don't worry, my future posts won't be so long.

03.30.04 (2:39 am)   [edit]

Hello you.

This blog is a record of my life as a Secondary 2 student in a prestigous school in Singapore till I don't know when.

I would like to thank the following people who made this happen:

My parents (who let me use the com till midnite...{muack}), Joshua Tan (D.J who gave me the idea and prompted me to do it), and all of YOU who visit it and give your comments!

Thanks so much, and enjoy! Feel free to comment on anything in the blog itself or in the Chatbox. Send all errors to tongrhj@hotmail.com.


days to my birthday!

Updating Percentage: 20%